Nomenclature-2022 Scheme:

Click for First Year( Ist and 2nd Semester common (N-2022)

Click for First Year ( Ist and 2nd Semester  Architecture  (N-2022)

Click for First Year  DMLT (N-2022)


Nomenclature-2017 Scheme:

First Year( Ist and 2nd Semester(N-2017):






Second Year( 3rd & 4th Semester)(N-2017):

Third Year( 5th and 6th Semester)(N-2017):


Syllabus for Diploma in Pharmacy

New Syllabus for Diploma in Pharmacy(for the session 2021-22)


Polytechnic Syllabus,N-2007

List of Tool & Equipment for Polytechnic Students

Polytechnic Syllabus,N-2012

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